TAG TrustNet is taking the industry to the next level as an always-on global cross-industry collaborative network providing the tools to certify the supply chain and allow everyone to be accountable, make responsible decisions and improve efficiency.

TAG TrustNet’s mission is defined in the TAG TrustNet Charter.

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A transparent supply chain makes industry participants accountable to each other and creates the trust required for the continued industry growth. We believe that long term this is an opportunity to fundamentally revolutionize the digital advertising transactional process.”

Mike Zaneis, President & CEO, TAG

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What we learned

TAG TrustNet was validated as a cross-industry solution over a 2-year pilot with major industry players.

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What are my benefits?

As a collaborative effort to drive accountability across the industry TAG TrustNet provides multiple benefits to all its members.

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How can I join?

Becoming a member is a free and easy process for TAG Members.


Meet the Team

TAG TrustNet has been launched by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading programme to fight criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising, in partnership with Fiducia as technology partner.


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To find out more about TAG TrustNet and how to get involved, please get in touch.