Benchmark Your Supply Chain against the ANA Study.
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Following the critical findings of the ANA Programmatic Transparency Study and recognizing the need to help marketers take control over their programmatic supply chains, TAG TrustNet has launched the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark.

What is the Programmatic Transparency Benchmark?

This is a benchmark for marketers, large and small, to evaluate their supply chain and identify optimisation opportunities in ad spend productivity. .

By comparing key metrics of the advertiser’s programmatic supply chain against:

  • the ANA Study findings
  • against industry averages and ranges 
  • and sector metrics as they evolve over time

advertisers have the opportunity to increase their ad spend productivity by 20%.

How does this benchmark work?

The Benchmark collects, reconciles and analyses data of contributing marketers continually. This process will then produce a set of quantitative, qualitative, and financial metrics that provide an ongoing benchmark against which marketers can evaluate their own activity. 

All information is only shared in an aggregated and anonymized format**. 

Example reports:

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Key findings of ANA Programmatic Transparency Study conducted with TAG TrustNet

  • An average of 29% of the programmatic investment that arrives at DSPs is spent on the buying process, with 71% making it to the sell-side. 

  • Just 36% of investment is spent on valid, non-MFA (made for advertising), measurable, and viewable impressions. 

  • Simulations show that advertisers can see a +20% increase in ad spend productivity by gaining full log-level transparency to optimize their supply chains.


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Marketers can go further - with a full TAG TrustNet enterprise license your data becomes actionable, enabling you to optimise ad spend productivity in real time.

The ANA Study has proved that, with the use of the TAG TrustNet platform to connect and reconcile impression log-level data and price impressions using a set of quality metrics, the increase in ad spend productivity by well over +20%. ​

Find out more about how impression log-level data, connected through TAG TrustNet can help you optimize your programmatic supply chain productivity.

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* Part of the findings of the ANA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study

** All data used for the Benchmark is transactional data. It does not include any PII data and is not subject to privacy regulations. The data is aggregated, anonymized, and treated at all times as confidential information.