InvestmentIn June 2023, TAG TrustNet expanded their transparency capabilities and launched a new frontier in marketer transparency through 3 new partnerships. 

These partnerships provide marketers with the next level of visibility into their ad campaigns to help them achieve:

  • Diverse media spending goals
  • Reduce Made-For-Advertising (MFA) waste 
  • Strengthen privacy compliance.

TAG TrustNet is the ONE-STOP-UTILITY for marketers to connect and reconcile ALL their transactional and qualitative data feeds in one place.

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Minority Ownership Rating (Neutronian)

Based on Neutronian’s NQI Minority Ownership Verification, TAG TrustNet will integrate validation and scoring of publishers or companies who identify as minority owned, including female-owned and LGBTQ+ owned businesses, so brands can better achieve their DEI goals.

MFA Site Identification (

MFA site identification - Using’s PublisherRisk platform, TAG TrustNet will help marketers identify and non-performant and low-quality MFA sites from their campaigns.


Privacy Compliance (SafeGuard Privacy)

Privacy compliance - In partnership with SafeGuard Privacy’s Vendor Compliance Hub software, TAG TrustNet will be able to show marketers that their supply chain partners are transparently demonstrating their privacy compliance.

Press Release

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Press Release

Impression Match Rate +95%

TAG TrustNet achieve deterministic match rates between impression log-file data sets of +95% and reduced the unknown delta to a marginal amount. The analysis of the reconciled data provided the following results:


Ad-spend Breakdown

39% of the ad-spend went to delivery costs and 61% to media


Ad-spend Productivity

26% of programmatic ad-spend could be spent more efficiently by improving cost efficiency (10%) and advertising effectiveness (16%)


J&J and J3 are excited to be supporting the potentially ground-breaking TAG TrustNet pilot, helping lay down the foundations to a more transparent programmatic ecosystem. Only together as a cross-industry consortium can we truly solve this problem, and it’s great to see so many partners willing to take part.


Simon Reip, Head of Digital J3 UM for Johnson & Johnson

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