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TAG TrustNet enables programmatic marketplace participants to share, harmonize, map and automate the reconciliation of impression log-file data to come up with Shared Truth: a single record of every ad impression across the digital advertising supply chain recorded in an immutable distributed ledger.


TAG TrustNet Supply Chain Monitor



Reconciled impression data can be exported or visualized using the Supply Chain Monitor providing a holistic view of your supply chain to get an instant assessment of the health of your supply chain that can be acted on in near real-time.

What Are My Benefits?

TAG TrustNet provides benefits to all its members across the industry



Develop a solid foundation to allow for the further growth of a socially responsible industry operating in compliance with industry standards and regulations



Reduce operating costs by sharing data to automate the reconciliation of impression data across the supply chain and come up with Shared Truth


Advertisers & Agencies

Optimize ad-spend productivity by improving cost efficiency and advertising effectiveness with always-on access to reconciled impression data


Intermediaries & Publishers

Differentiate by allowing advertisers and agencies to validate the proper delivery and quality of impressions to get a larger share of ad-spend